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 Job TitleLocation  CompanyDate Posted  
  Clinical Nurse Educator - Critical Care/Post-Op (New Jersey) US-NJ The Medical Affairs Company6/30/2018   
  Clinical Nurse Educator - Critical Care/Post-Op (GA/AL) US-GA The Medical Affairs Company7/13/2018   
  Clinical Nurse Educator, Hematology US-CA Takeda Pharmaceuticals7/21/2018   
  Clinical Nurse Educator - Hematology (Poland & Croatia) US-Poland & Croatia  The Medical Affairs Company7/20/2018   
  Clinical Nurse Educator - Hematology (Gulf Cooperation Counc... US-Gulf Cooperation Council/GCC  The Medical Affairs Company7/20/2018   
  Clinical Nurse Educator - Hematology (Nordic: Denmark, Norway, Sweden) US-Nordic: Denmark  The Medical Affairs Company7/20/2018   
  Spain, International Clinical Case Manager Spain  ProClinical7/21/2018   
  Hemophilia Institutional Account Manager Los Angeles California Job US-CA Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Obesity Care Specialist Portland Oregon Job US-OR Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Obesity Care Specialist Minnesota South Minnesota Job US-MN Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Obesity Care Specialist Harrisburg Pennsylvania Job US-PA Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Sales Specialist- Dermatology- Portland, ME US-ME Novartis7/11/2018   
  Sales Specialist - Dermatology - Jackson, MS US-MS Novartis7/11/2018   
  Diabetes Care Specialist Santa Clarita California Job US-CA Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Diabetes Care Specialist Spring Valley Arizona Job US-AZ Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Sales Specialist- Dermatology- Seattle North US-WA Novartis7/11/2018   
  Sales Specialist, Dermatology- Pensacola territory US-TN Novartis7/11/2018   
  Diabetes Care Specialist Seattle Washington Job US-WA Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Diabetes Care Specialist Beckley West Virginia Job US-WV Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Growth Disorders Therapy Manager Columbus Ohio Job US-OH Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Sales Specialist- Dermatology- Richmond, VA (West) US-VA Novartis7/11/2018   
  Diabetes Care Specialist Ventura California Job US-CA Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
  Patient Services Coordinator, Hartford, CT US-CT Novartis7/11/2018   
  Sales Specialist Dermatology Montana US-MT Novartis7/11/2018   
  Pharma Field Sales -Diabetes Care Specialist Albuquerque S, New Mexico Job US-NM Novo Nordisk7/21/2018   
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