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I would like to say this, that your agency has impressed me with your professional, decent treatment of me; especially your not asking me for money (I get that a lot).
  • Joseph R
    Just a short note in praise of your service which has allowed our start-up company to surface and hire almost every position we reviewed from Medzilla.
  • Michael M
    I appreciate the opportunity to post a resume on your website. I like the fact that I get notified when someone wants my resume, and that you only give my personal information to real employers with real jobs.
  • Patricia N
    One of my former employers saw my CV on Medzilla and contacted me. I am now re-employed by that employer. I am glad that I was able to use this website to successfully obtain a job.
  • Debbie P

  • Thanks MedZilla. You keep surprising me. At first I was skeptical of your emails. I thought it was automatically generated, but now I am glad that you actually read them. Thanks again. I am really hopeful to find the right job through your website.
  • Maryam
    "Among one of the best... They don't like to play mind games with potential applicants- what you see is what you get! They have a great habit of removing expired postings regularly."
  • MedZilla Reviewed: Grading Common Job Search Sites, Part 2
    "MedZilla, online since 1994, has established itself as a true "stayer" in the world of job databases. Boasting more than 85,000 visitors every month, MedZilla lists job openings for professionals in the fields of biotechnology, health care, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and science-related industries and has an impressive list of industry clients in these areas."
  • Science Magazine Site Review:
    MedZilla is a wonderful resource for pursuing my career goal and promotes a true passion for the industry. Your acceptance is greatly appreciated!

    I would recommend your website to anyone who is serious about a career in Medical Sales! Most of the other medical career sites do absolutely nothing but collect an annual fee, to assist you in you job search. Thank you again in advance for your consideration
  • Kevin P.
    Thank you so much for your help! My phone won't stop ringing from all the inquiries I am receiving in response to my resume posting on Medzilla! AND it has only been 2 days! This site is wonderful and I will spread the word. Thank you Thank you!
  • C.A. Szeman
    "As a university scientist, the availability of a posting system such as MedZilla is extremely valuable, since the cost of advertising via Science or Nature is so high. As well, MedZilla is very quick in comparison to those two journals. I plan to use MedZilla again in the future!"
  • Lacy Daniels, University of Iowa
    Just wanted to let you and your staff know that Medzilla led me to my current job as Staff Scientist at a major international company. I am grateful for your help. Thank you. Because I have been so pleased with the job leads from Medzilla, I have recommended your Web site to colleagues and friends. From what I'm hearing from them, they are also pleased with the results. Keep up the good work, and thanks again! Sincerely,
  • N. M. Tang, Ph.D.
    Thanks for providing an important and useful service to the academic scientific community.
  • Lerner Research Institute
    I tell EVERYONE about Medzilla! When I found it I did the medical dance of joy! Congratulations to all the principles and continued business success!
  • P. Walsh
    I think Medzilla is great! This site is one of the most comprehensive sites for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • K. Charrier
    I really believe that you have the #1 web site for web recruiting.
  • F. CALVO
    I have been posting my resume in a couple of places, but first ever I received your kind, prompt and productive job search and other details. My humble appreciation for your kind services. I look forward to the opportunity to work in a company, where I could prove my ability to deliver goods in the field of polymer science and technology with sub-fields including Membranes and ion-exchange resins. With kind regards, yours faithfully
  • P.S.Reddy
    What a great job you guys are doing. GOD bless your hands. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
  • S. Salem
    In all the years I have been in the medical field and have worked with recruiters as a hiring authority and candidate, Medzilla seems the most private and efficient means to search for opportunity without "putting your name on the street". Bless you for dreaming it up! I have already e-mailed your web site to my 25 year network of both employers and friends who may be candidates. Regards,
  • K.Garwick
    I am a heavy user of Medzilla. Couldn't do my job without it!
  • E. Grimaldi, Recruiter
    I am so pleased with the caliber of your online service. Thank you.
  • Dr. L. Trice, MD
    My initial impressions of Medzilla are excellent. The service you provide, the ease of use of your website, and the excellent companies that you represent should make your site a must for anyone interested in medical or biopharmaceutical careers. Keep up the good work.
  • R. Squire
    I have been truly amazed and feel blessed with the benefits of being associated with the Medzilla website. I have bragged extensively on your site to a half dozen colleagues with backgrounds similar to mine who have immediately sought additional information and have made conclusions similar to mine. Many thanks for your answers and for setting up a wonderful resource for those of us with the appropriate backgrounds. Regards,
  • B. Pagels
    Yesterday, 1/16/2001, I placed my resume on your service and by today, 1/17/2001, I had a call from one recruiter early in the morning and had received over 20 replies from different companies requesting to see my resume. Absolutely wonderful. I have been and still am advertising my resume with the other major job search engines and have not received from any of them combined the amount of traffic for my resume as I have with your web site. I am certain I will be starting a new position soon since signing on at your web site. Thank You Again,
  • GJD, Roseville, CA
    I learned about Medzilla at a networking event and out of curiosity looked it up. Within a short time I stopped using all other WEB sites and used Medzilla as my only WEB source. Although I had previously sent my resume to a fortune 100 company many times for many positions, I was surprised when a corporate recruiter called and said he had just seen my resume on the WEB. Within three weeks I was hired. I found Medzilla to be one of the easiest sites to navigate and your notification of when and which company reviewed my resume allowed me to follow up directly with them. If I ever need another position you will be the first to know! Thank you,
  • D H from Atlanta
    Always good to work with a winner!
  • L. Vaughn, Advantage ONE Executive Search
    I appreciate your service and partnership with Pierce recruitment now and in the future.
  • J. LaPointe
    Your ultra-super high operating speed confuses me that you are the human being or the God's representative. Thanks for the God who sends you, the "master of job placement engineering" to me to fulfill my American dream. The successful obtaining of the right job for me will greatly reduce my ashamedness resulted from my whole bunch of gray hair plus my nearly haft century of age! Sincerely yours,
  • Baojia H.
    Medzilla is a great site and best of all is their great CEO!
  • L. Tolosano
    We did hire from your website, which compared to a recruiter fee, saved a tremendous amount of money! Thanks for your help.
  • K. Dalton
    I received acknowledgements from many companies who had received my resume. No other Internet site generated as much response to my resume!
  • Nancy J.
    Thank you for your quick review and reply advising me that you received and posted my resume. I think it is truly amazing and a great service to both job searcher and employer that you take the time to personally review each resume.
  • Christine B.
    Thank you, Doctor, and especially thank you for the advice about information pirates. Sincerely,
  • C. Mahoney
    Thank you! This is an excellent site and the confidentiality is greatly appreciated!
  • Sarah S.
    Just registered yesterday, but have had a call from a recruiter this AM asking for my resume. Will pursue actual job search this PM or weekend. Service was recommended by a recruiter, FYI.
  • W. Zefeldt
    I hope to begin working on a few biotech searches during the late 1st Quarter, early second Quarter of 2001. As expected, I won't hesitate for a moment to contact Medzilla for some assistance. You've got a first class online recruiting website!
  • M. Cohen, The Alpine Consulting Group
    I've only recently started using the net to job search and just found Medzilla. Until I received your message, I did not know the risks in posting resumes. I appreciate your approach and advice in counseling Internet postings.
  • S. Guarino
    Quite a service and very well managed, I have to say.
  • L.Olson Cook
    Medzilla has been very useful to me thus far. It has been wonderfully easy and precise. The directions are clear and helpful and the searches get you what you need. I am looking forward to using MedZilla more in the near future.
  • A. Cotty
    I got my job through your web site. I am very thankful and grateful to you. I have searched and applied through various others job sites but not one and I mean not a single was of any use. Through your web site I finally got the job. Now whenever anybody ask me I say to them don't go nowhere except MEDZILLA. Again I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Sincerely Yours
  • Dr.S.S.K.
    Thanks for your terrific service. You sent me postings I could actually use.
  • Jennifer W.
    Thanks for enlightening prospective employees about the pros and cons of posting resumes in unsecured resume banks. It shows that you care. Thanks again,
  • Dr. Kennedy-Oji
    Wow ... I'm impressed already with how Medzilla works ... Thanks
  • G. F. Leatham, Ph.D.
    Medzilla has be useful to me in securing two positions. I have not made a decision on which one. Once I have made a choice, I will write more later. Cordially
  • Mary G.
    You guys offer a great service. Thank you for keeping me notified by e-mail about everything that is currently going on. The privacy factor is a great addition to your program. Thanks again.
  • P. Simpson
    First of all let me tell you that I love your web site and have told many of my friends who are pharmacists. I happen to be a nurse and am looking for something new and different. I have been a nurse for twenty years and just feel like a need a change. Thanks again!
  • Kathy S.
    Your service with MedZilla is a wonderful resource, which I have only recently discovered. As an accomplished sales, marketing, financial and legal person, I am extremely eager to change directions into a field I believe is the foremost growth companies of the 21st century. Although I get bombarded with opportunities from other services they use a shot gun approach, which is unlike your precision approach to placement. Keep up the good work.
  • Terry E.
    Thanks for your great service! Thanks to you I've found an exciting new job!
  • F.Porter, New Jersey
    I just wanted to say Thanks because out of all the job search pages on the Internet, I've found yours to me most helpful with sending me results and keeping me updated. Great Work.
  • C. D. Powers
    One of my colleagues already got a couple of interviews after using Medzilla site. I really think this site is considerably better as compared with the other online sources like Monster board, Career path, etc. Now I got a job, we are relocating and we will use this site to find the job for my wife. Thank you. Sincerely,
  • G.Samokhin
    I wanted to note my "delight" in checking mail this evening to find my resume had been sent out to 27 MedZilla clients! Not even 24 hours after posting and MedZilla is already "surpassing" my expectations! Thanks....
  • R. C. Lindsay
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a terrific service, which generated many more leads than your competitors (, Today I am accepting an exciting new job with a company who found my resume online at I am in West Virginia and the company is in Seattle, and without your service I am sure we would not have found each other. Many thanks, and you can bet that if I am looking again in the future, yours is the first site upon which I will post my resume. Best Regards,
  • G. Pratt
    I'm absolutely excited about what I've been reading receiving. Finally, a respectful on-line service!!!
  • T.L. Arnold
    Thank you very much for your personal interest in helping me to find a job position. I'm sure that you will be the person that is going to open me a door in this country. God bless you with best regards,
  • E. Colocho
    Thank you for including my resume in the MedZilla databank! Your recognition is truly one of the best honors I've ever had. Certainly, MedZilla is outstanding in career search/development industry, especially the Privacy Policy that prevents the job seekers' profiles from abusive use. I shall support this policy as it continues to protect and respect individual's privacy. Again, Thank you!
  • F. Tsai, Ph.D. Biochemistry Research Associate
    To the Staff at Medzilla: I am a seasoned biotech professional with in depth experience but wasn't sure how to get to the decision makers who select candidates for interviews. Being a veteran in this field can be a two edged sword. Apparently 20 recruiters/HR managers have already requested my resume and I have only posted it starting this week, and it is the holiday season! I appreciate very much the concept of Medzilla. Happy holidays to everyone there!
  • K.Sierra
    Thank you for your prompt reply, personal note and professional services. I will definitely inform all I come in contact with about Medzilla.
  • Edward A., Ph.D.
    It is difficult to describe in words the pleasant surprise of seeing 23 e-mail messages from your service to potential employers this morning. Thank you very much. I know this is just the first step but it was an important one. I shall definitely recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.
  • R. Robusto
    Thank you for your professionalism and help. This is by far the most useful tool I have found. Thanks again!!
  • W. Berg
    I found your site to be very helpful. I appreciate having a site in which I can search in my area of interest.
  • S. Morrison, Laboratory for Clinical Research in Psychiatry
    This website is great. I can't believe how many "hits' I've gotten 24 hours after putting my resume up.
  • N. Greenbaum
    Thank you for posting me in the MedZilla Resume Database. I appreciate it very much that you keep my privacy. I will recommend you in the future.
  • E. Robeck
    Thank you for the quick response. I posted the resume last night and already I have received over 25 notices of requests. While I have no way of knowing if this is "normal," I am quite pleased nonetheless. I feel confident this was a step in the right direction.
  • K.Lemons
    Thank you for your kind words about my resume. That is very encouraging to a job seeker. Sincerely yours,
  • C. Girvin
    Thank you for including my resume in your database. I have already started to receive queries from prospective employers. The fast response is amazing.
  • Dr. Speid
    I can only recommend that you keep providing this wonderful service and thank you for keeping people connected in a positive manner. Many Regards!
  • B. Lipscomb
    I don't know how it will turn out, but in less than a week I have been contacted by three recruiters. I haven't heard anything from any other site on the net.
  • M. Camoron
    Thank you for your help with my job search. I appreciate the professional way with which Medzilla operates. I was referred to your site by Teri M. of L. H.H. consulting services. I am looking forward to speaking with the employers who use your site. Sincerely,
  • K. Gregory
    Thank you for the email listing companies that requested my resume for further review/consideration. I'm amazed how fast people saw my resume. I do plan on telling people about this service. Thanks,
  • Servi
    Today, Friday the 13th, I got 3 jobs offer and accepted one of them. Thank you for your interest and good luck. Regards,
  • M. Huynh
    Thanks for your service and continuous support for me. Regards
  • P. Subramanam
    Also, just want to say, Thank You again, for your services; and that my offer of 'a surf' and 'lunch' , still stands.
  • Cheers, Anita
    Many thanks for your excellent follow thru and clear communications.
  • Radke
    I graduated recently in chemistry from The University of Western Ontario and I was looking for jobs. And just for the heck of it I decided to type over the Internet and it led me to your site. Whoever you are, you are doing a wonderful job. I really like your service and really appreciate your efforts in finding a suitable job. I have found a lot of openings and have been negotiating with various people. Once again Thank You very much and continue with the good work.
  • Asad K.
    Thank you very much for your encouragement. Yes...I do feel that I have a lot to offer a company. Also, this will give me the opportunity to learn more about cancer research.
  • J. Meyer
    Thank you for your immediate response to my resume. I greatly appreciate your prompt and professional service.
  • Davis
    It was very nice to get your comments. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and attention. Sincerely,
  • Larissa S.,MD.
    Thank you for your prompt response to my resume posting. I'm very excited about the prospects for employment through your site, and wondering why I didn't contact it sooner!
  • C. Brown
    I received your e-mailed acceptance of my resume a short while ago, and I felt a strong desire to respond. May I say that I find your methods of dealing with applicants (such as I) to be a refreshing deviation from the norm? Although my resume was ultimately given your nod of approval, It is my feeling that if it hadn't been - and I'd received, instead, notification that you had deleted it from your files, I still would have appreciated your full-on brand of honesty. For all of this, I am now hoping that yours will be the service that ends up placing me with my future employer. In my opinion, you have already earned the commission. Thank you very much,
  • Barba
    Medzilla is a brilliant forum for job seekers such as myself.
  • Tony T.
    Please keep up your excellent good work. God bless you. Thanking you again.
  • N.Kasabwala
    I am thoroughly impressed by the your response and effective search for different job opportunities. I have referred your name to several of my colleagues. Thanks again.
  • R. Mehta
    Thanks! I appreciate MEDZILLA'S help in assisting me to secure a new position.
  • S. Natowsky, Ph.D.
    I have been a strong advocate for your website & recommend to numerous coworkers & friends in the medical & research community to use your web page.
  • M. Tong, MD, MSBE
    Just a quick line to say "thank you" to you guys! Medzilla is head and shoulders above the rest out there! Thank You
  • D. Newton RN
    I am highly impressed with the initial results of posting my resume to MEDZILLA. There is an extremely high level of professionalism, and what is the most surprising is that it is at no cost. Keep up the great work!
  • S. A. Williams
    Thank you for your help with my job search. I appreciate the professional way with which Medzilla operates. I was referred to your site by L.H. H. consulting services. I am looking forward to speaking with the employers who use your site.
  • K. Gregory
    What a great resource!! Thank you for keeping me informed of positions available through Keywords, and informing me when employers request my resume.
  • J. M. Schultheis, MSHA, MBA
    I am already hearing from interested companies and I have seen so much info! THANKS!!!
  • K. Yehlil
    I found a great position with someone who saw my resume on your website. I could not believe the incredible response I received. Not only were there so many companies represented, but also from a variety of industries and with an amazing array of opportunities. Thanks again.
  • R.C.
    Thank you for making the resume posting process so easy. It's also nice to know that there is a name and face in your cyberspace ... so thanks to Dr Heasley for his notes and help. Sincerely,
  • C. Black, Ph.D.
    Medzilla has a quality program, which generated more leads for me than other similar services and with a thorough and highly professional approach. I have recommended your service to anyone I know looking for a new position in healthcare.
  • H. Hamilton
    I think MEDZILLA is a great resource. I've had 3 calls w/in a 48 hour period of posting my resume. I appreciate the thorough nature of MEDZILLA's follow up with emails confirming each time my resume has been sent. I also appreciate the respect for privacy your company has shown. I will do all I can to spread the word about your company. Thank you MEDZILLA,
  • S. Ohlinger
    It is so nice to see that MEDZILLA works so diligently on finding prospective jobs for people in the workforce. Thank you for making my life a little easier!
  • M. Risko
    I am seriously impressed with the level of involvement you have in this website and my job search! Thank you for your attention and efforts.
  • T. Baker
    The "Medzilla" concept is unique & powerful.
  • B. Tuttle
    I am so impressed by Medzilla web site. I thank you so much for providing assistance for looking a chemist job for me. Best regards,
  • Patel
    I've found a job! Had a couple interviews and offers- one from a company who pulled my resume off your site, and another from a company I found in one of your "daily updates" based on my keywords. It led me to a fantastic position in a great company that I might not have otherwise found. THANK YOU!!
  • K. King
    " fact our 2 first choices came because of the ad. So, it was indeed effective.
  • Jim Berg, Colifast Systems"
    I wanted you to know that my boss found MedZilla about 1 year ago while he "surfing" and listed a position that we had open at the time. The quality of candidate response was terrific--better than any of our regional newspapers. We eventually hired a young man that we found through posting and he has been a real asset to our corporation. My only regret is that we aren't a larger company that could use your services more often!
  • FTS Systems
    Many thanks for the very rapid and efficient posting. It looks wonderful. I'll certainly have a look at the available candidates.
    Your system is certainly far more user-friendly and considerate than almost everything else that's out there.
  • S.J. Rockefeller University

    I was greatly impressed with your operative answer. After searching a lot of job related websites I should say that Medzilla is one of the best.
    Thank you!
  • Dr. Dmitry O. Kozhevnikov
    Thanks very much Your service has been very helpful and the job has been filled!
  • Dr. P. Melera
    Thank you for the information. I have passed this along to our Director for review. I also reviewed your home page it is great!
  • J.B.,

    I was searching for a job that involved the application of engineering to medical problems. The traditional job-listing pages for engineers were oriented towards industrial applications; MedZilla provided a resource for non-medical professionals to seek employment in medical institutions. Using MedZilla I found a job in the location I wanted, in the area I wanted, and which fit my salary requirements.
  • C.H.,
    ...thanks for running this valuable employment service!
  • R.K., UCLA Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry

    ... a brilliant idea, and keeping it free for the candidates is most appreciated!
  • C.A., Concordia, California

    I have at any given time 20-30 open jobs in basic science laboratories and your page is by far the most focused and useful for my candidate searches. I have been exploring "the net" quite extensively for the past several weeks in search of cost-effective ways to advertise hard-to-fill jobs and your service is the only one with an optional fee plan that I intend to recommend joining.
  • D.H., University of Alabama

    ... you are providing wonderful service to many people. As far as for improvements, I feel that the pocess for posting on your job board was very easy and hopefully effective. Thank you for your services and quick response.
  • J.T.,

    I was very impressed with your home page and its description of your services.

  • M.W., Richmond, B.C., Canada

    Thank you so much for such a useful service.
  • J.C., University of California at Irvine
    Thanks, you guys are great!!!
  • Margie Hans
    Thank you for the information regarding Medzilla. I appreciate your information and you for selecting my resume for inclusion.
  • Sincerely-P. Horen
    Medzilla is the most "with it" job matching group I have experienced;I didn't expect responses so quickly. Thanks for all your help!
  • R. Rutledge
    Thank you for the resume confirmation E-mail. I am very impressed that you have stayed true to your mission by reviewing applicant quality. Your website is easy to navigate and not to broad in scope. I can see why Medzilla is still around when so many career sites have E-vaporated. Pardon the pun.
    I just wanted you to know that your endorsement brightened my day.
  • S.Forehand
    The postings were current and companies posting on Medzilla seemed to be more diverse than many other websites. This was not the case with many other sites.
  • NB
    Just wanted to say what a wonderful site you have. I am grateful to the friend who turned me on to MedZilla.
  • J. Prosser, Ph.D.
    Thanks a million, I received a job offer today. They saw my CV on Medzilla. Excellent job, excellent pay and exactly in my field. Thanks again.
  • J.Cotter
    Just to let you know that you really are one of the best Bio-job search engines on the web. The site works well and the contacts made on here really seem to work. Well done.
  • S. Sparks
    I have found Medzilla to be the most applicable web site for the Biotech/pharmaceutical industry. Thank you for all of your support and ingenuity, keep up the excellent work.
  • I. Shafer
    When I first became unemployed, I signed up for every internet job search I could find. I had no activity with any of them. Then, my wife told me about Medzilla. What a change. Immediately, my 24 years of medical device experience was recognized. The web site was easy to use. I got emails of potential jobs every day. Most importantly I made valuable contacts that generated interviews. I felt better about myself and was encouraged in my job search. Thanks for a great service.
  • J. Davila
    Medzilla was a great tool in my search for a position in the biomedical industry. I would use Medzilla in the future (as a recruiting tool, as well as, a job search) and would not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues.
  • JEH
    Thanks for your help. It's exciting to get periodic updates that someone has requested to look at my resume.
  • V. Sieve
    My resume was found by my current employer doing a search of medzilla. Also, I had another offer and two interviews scheduled, all from contacts through Medzilla. Of the tools I utilized to find a job, my contacts with medzilla were the successful ones - not just the ones that led to the job I finally accepted, but also to the other interviews and offers that came up.
  • J. Christiansen
    Thank you for including my resume in your database. This job site is by far the most comprehensive and helpful, even when compared to the most popular sites to date. This is the only site where I have received personal attention and an individualized response to my resume. Thanks again for making my job searching process that much easier!
  • B. Mork
    Your site is a WONDERFUL tool when searching for a new opportunity! I am only deleting my resume because I found the perfect job. I would never have found it if it weren't for your site. I needed to relocate to a new area, and MedZilla made it easier to locate the jobs in my area in my new geographic location. Thank you very much!
  • J.K. Dunbar

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