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Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Uzbekistan-, Regional Manager / R0001520-MZ


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Job Description

1. To ensure the implementation of the plan of visits in the group,
2. improve the efficiency of the team of medical representatives, embodying the marketing policy of the company
3. Possess creative thinking, suggest innovations and improvements,
4. Motivate the team, argue and persuade, resolve conflict situations,
5. Draw up and defend the budget, action plan,
6. To evaluate the effectiveness of medical representatives,
7. To implement marketing policy in the plan of activities of medical representatives,
8. To work with PLA and other key people in the region,
9. Prepare reports, tables at the request of the management,
10. Organize and conduct meetings, Quantitative (implementation of the standards of visits) and qualitative (quality control of presentations, quality control of visits, control of compliance of visits to accepted corporate standards) analysis of the activities of medical representatives.
11. Conducting double visits, coaching and other activities defined by the rules of the company in the appropriate volume and with proper quality,
12. Participation in the creation of an optimal structure,
13. Participation in planning and organization of cycles and seminars for the team of medical representatives,
14. Creation and implementation of a strategic plan for the region (together with the head),
15. Conducting regional and national level marketing events in cooperation with the product Manager, including the organization of conferences, round tables, participation of opinion leaders in international and local conferences and congresses (collection of documents, control of suppliers, process monitoring),
16. Analysis and verification of information about competitors received from the team of medical representatives and its subsequent transfer to the concerned departments (medical Department, marketing Department),
17. Control of the financial activities of the region - travel and representation expenses, as well as expenses for round tables, conferences and other marketing events in the region. Control of financial statements (preparation and submission of orders, reports, lists, etc.) according to the internal procedures of the company,
18. Participation in the development and implementation of the training plan (identifying gaps in the development of medical representatives) together with a business coach, HR Department and marketing,
19. Monitoring of compliance of medical representatives with ethical standards adopted by the company,
20. Direct participation in the process of selection, as well as regular re-certification of medical representatives,
21. Know and be able to present the company's products,
22. Knowledge of OPL in the directions and work with them (level, since the head of Department and above)

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