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Syneos Health

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Syneos Health Communications is making a significant multi-year investment in modernizing our value proposition to clients, based on superior healthcare insights and intelligence.

In practice, the investment will largely take the form of new team members hired to enable a hub and spoke model : capitalizing on the development of products and capabilities at the center and driving adoption and smart application at the agency spokes.

The success of this initiative will depend on many factors:

- The degree to which we hire the right people as part of this investment

- The degree to which we appropriately train new and existing team members

- The degree to which the people we hire are accepted as key members of the agency teams

- The degree to which all team members first understand and then represent to clients a consistent view of our products and capabilities

- The degree to which clients accept team members as valued contributors and agree to their inclusion on staffing plans

The Managing Director, Agency Integration role exists to ensure that our success factors are realized.

Success will be measured through a combination of financial measures and adoption measures.


Be an expert in each agency s ways of working. Understand how the agency services clients today, where and how the spokes will plug in to existing processes, and what new processes need to be developed.

Be fluent in all central team offerings, products and approaches. Understand how the team is resourced today and how the team will evolve over time. Be prepared to connect the dots between the central offerings and the agency needs.

Serve as the primary conduit between the agency teams and the hub. Be the first point of contact and liaise between the teams. Translate central offerings to agency-specific language.

Client-facing. Get plugged in to key client projects and deliverables. Support agency teams in their delivery and connect them to the right central hub resources.

Be the ultimate dual citizen. This person should be viewed by the agencies as a member of their team and should also be viewed by the hub as a member of their team.

Maintain a constant point of view on evolving needs of the agencies and clients where and when we need new products, offers, processes and when we need new headcount (either in the agencies or centrally) to drive pull through and execution.

Own the end to end operationalization of the hub & spoke model.

Detailed Responsibilities & Process Steps, repeat for each agency that is onboarding spokes

Identify agency executive sponsor and supporting team, who will champion implementation process

Schedule working sessions with each champion team to understand current process, where and how spokes should get plugged in, and key gaps that need to be filled

Develop content to support working sessions what do we need from the champion teams, explain the hub & spoke model, etc.

Summarize meeting output, identify next steps and plot against work plan. Distribute to agency teams. Gain alignment on work plan. Provide regular cadence of updates as outlined in work plan.

Develop SOPs, outline roles and responsibilities. Gain alignment with supporting team.

Establish rules of engagement for all products, offers and approaches (e.g., quick and dirty vs structured, when/where/why/how to employ)

Develop job descriptions for all spoke hires based on needs and culture of agency teams. Work in conjunction with central team to ensure appropriate skillset captured.

Track recruiting and hiring process.

Co-develop onboarding content for new hires.

Monitor spokes once on-boarded. Proactively identify and address any potential issues.

Monitor and track utilization of tools within agencies by spokes - what approaches most resonate, where is there less uptake, what are the key drivers, what are the key bottlenecks. Rapidly action upon feedback (e.g., add new headcount, repurpose headcount)

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