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Syneos Health

US-OH, Associate Director, Innovation 2926099-MZ



This position helps our team show the way in the changing marketplace. Our team champions new ideas and new perspectives and this position requires someone to help build our brand, our presence, and our collective team output. It is part of a team charged with the shared accountability to increase the number of innovative and celebrated new ideas coming from our agencies.

The four main goals of the team include:
Build workshop materials and help build out customer co-creation events that help clients uncover new ways to engage patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems
Design powerful thought leadership for Syneos Health Communications
Assist the team in brainstorming and creating turnkey innovation tools and resources to leveraged by teams around the world

Description of Duties

This position has four key areas of focus:
Design and Concept: Has a great foundation in design. Understands color, typography, hierarchy and more. Keeps an ongoing awareness of design trends, cutting edge tech, and opportunities for our brand and workshops. Works with team members to develop ideas around how to best promote our team's capabilities, content, and materials through their understanding of the landscape.

Workshop Development: Creates innovation workshops materials, tools and prototypes that help clients uncover actionable new ideas. Works with our directors to build out branded materials against detailed content, including case studies, videos, presentations, customer insights, and partnership examples.

Interest in Strategy: Has an interest in learning more about our workshop content, methodology and seeks to add input into our processes, content development, and more. Raises a hand to learn more about strategy and design thinking as is at the core of everything we do.

Growth: Partners with experts at our 11 agencies and across our global commercial organization to understand their changing needs and ultimately create new innovation and thought leadership products to support them. Works with our marketing team to create content for social media, print, leave-behinds, email, white papers, reports, and aspects of website. Maintains and elevates the Syneos brand.

General Daily Responsibilities:
Has an interest to contribute to the team's ongoing efforts to create provocative and engaging content, articles and thought leadership pieces that grab attention and garner the praise of clients and colleagues
Partners directly with core teams to develop and deliver innovation engagements
Works with our creative studio partners as needed and facilitates project coordination for specific roles
Stays in touch with key teams and contacts via two-way conversations about what we can offer (ideas, content, etc.) and what they need most right now
Builds the reputation and value of the Syneos Health Communications brand
Collaborates with team leads to understand and demonstrate how an idea or content could be developed for a specific client
Facilitates brainstorming sessions with diverse participants
Collaborates with teammates to develop major publications on trends and new opportunities
Brings "something special" to the team that will prove crucial for our future success
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Minimum Requirements

Significant experience in roles that require big-idea thinking, digital/print design development, understanding of marketing tactics and has handled multiple projects concurrently
A provocative and cutting edge understanding of design
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Ability/willingness to travel as needed

Key Competencies

Self-motivated: Natural self-starter. Able to conceive and follow through on multiple projects. Comfortable working in a collaborative environment without significant management direction.
Curious: Intrigued by understanding what's next and why. Plugged-into the conversation changing our industry.
Synthesizer: Able to take disparate content or points of view and create an insightful story
Conceptual thinker: Able to develop unique and innovative concepts that yield deeper connections between brands, people and their health care providers.
Optimist: A natural positive thinker who bounces back from challenging moments and proactively chefs-up ideas for how to do it better next time.

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