Reptile Rapport Smooths Representative's Reception
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I entered an office to make a cold call. Unbeknownst to me a 4-foot long garter snake had slithered in with me and went immediately behind a couch in the waiting room. Within moments there was complete bedlam as the snake made its presence known.

Patients and staff began screaming and careening for the door (a lot of the screaming was from me as I attempted to climb up the side of some man). The doctor came tearing out of an exam room, yelling, "What is going on?" After he saw the situation and shooed the harmless creature back outside he exclaimed, "How did it get in here?!"

Everyone, patients and staff, pointed at me and shouted, "She did it!" I sheepishly stood there in my business suit, name tag still in place, hair going in 12 different directions.

But I wasn't going to let this stop me! I squared my shoulders and in my most professional manner, greeted him with a handshake and launched into: "I'm Barbara, I'd to ask you a few questions about your pathology services."

After several moments of silence from him, I muttered, "I suppose you don't, uh, want to uh, talk to me right now...?"

He looked at me -- sometimes pity works -- and said, "Oh, come on back."

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