The Basics of Internet Recruiting
    Written by MedZilla Staff

The Internet has truly changed the way we conduct business today. We now have the ability to do virtually everything from our computers and recruiting is one of them. More and more, health care employers are turning to the Internet to fill their positions with qualified candidates.

So why use the Internet for recruiting? The answer is simple. There is no faster, simpler, more convenient or more cost effective way to reach hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Responses occur instantly and the results are measurable. Many health care recruitment sites can provide you with statistics such as how many people looked at your job posting, how many people submitted their resumes, as well as where your job ranked with other health care employers recruiting for the same position. When was the last time traditional media could tell you all that?

Jobseekers have always wanted detailed job descriptions. They want to know what the job will entail what the qualifications are and more important, what you can offer them as an organization. When using a health care recruitment site you are able to provide job seekers with detailed information on the qualifications you are looking for in a candidate. You can even create a customized response form to help further qualify your applicants. And as if that weren't enough, you can even put your recruitment brochure online, highlighting the benefits that you offer as well as what makes you stand out from the rest!

So, what are the ins and outs of Internet recruiting and how can you make it work for your organization? There are many great health care recruitment sites out there, but finding the one that best meets your needs, as well as the job seeker's, can be a daunting task.

Here are some questions to ask when you are considering which site to use:

How long have they been in business?

Many of the well-known recruitment sites started around 1994. But if the company has been around for less time, or is a brand new recruitment site, it doesn't hurt to ask for success stories they received from current clients. Being able to prove that other companies are happy with their services and the type of responses they have received on their job postings will only confirm your need to advertise on their sites.

How much traffic does the site receive? How much of that traffic is related to seeking employment, or candidates, in your areas of interest?

Focused traffic is the key to success for any Internet recruitment site. A good health care employment site will generate traffic several ways, such as partnering with sites that serve that audience, as well as advertising in areas where professionals in the industry are. Focus is the key here, not mass market.

It's important to remember that numbers alone do not tell the whole story. Statistics must always be interpreted with in the context of the information itself. Internet recruitment sites can give you huge numbers, but you want to know how many people are using the site to look for a job? Many sites today are so overloaded with content and other activities (like booking travel or looking for moving companies) that most of the traffic coming to the site isn't even job related.

If you see them on TV or in other mass media, they're probably not the place for your recruitment budget!

What type of value does the site provide to the job seeker as well as the recruiter?

A good health care recruitment site will contain job related resources for the job seeker. These resources will include resume writing tips, career planning resources, licensure information, and continuing education resources.

Some sites such as also provide resources for the recruiter like recruitment and retention tips, salary information, employment surveys as well as many other resources to make the recruiter's job a little easier.

What type of additional exposure does the site offer your postings?

Partnerships are key to increasing traffic to your job postings. For example MedZilla offers cross posting to their Career Network of affiliate sites. What this means to the employer is that every time you post a job on MedZilla the job posting is automatically posted to all of their Career Network affiliate sites. These sites include, Scientist Central, and Frontiers in Bioscience, just to name a few.

This is a value-added service and there is no additional cost to the employer posting to show up on their Career Network affiliate sites. The benefit is that you get more people looking at your job posting within an additional targeted audience.

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