Keeping Your Job-Hunt Options Open

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I had just graduated from college and was interviewing for a Hospital Sales Position with a top pharmaceutical company. The interview seemed to be going very well, and the interviewer asked me where I was willing to go geographically, relocate. I joked with the her, claiming I would go anywhere -- except maybe Paducah, Kentucky! (I said "Paducah" jokingly, because I thought it sounded funny).

She looked at me and said, "Actually, that's where we have an opening." Quickly humbled, and realizing I'd be one lucky new grad to nab such a sought-after position with my limited experience, I looked at her straight in the eye and exclaimed, "I'll go to Paducah!"

A note to people looking for a job: As it turned out, I was hired and wound up going to Memphis. It wasn't long before I moved up the ranks and was offered to relocate to Boston to work in Harvard teaching hospitals (this was closer to my family and my preferred location). I always try to tell new grads (and job seekers) to be open-minded and willing to go anywhere -- if they can.

I question whether I would have gotten the job if I hadn't been so flexible. And once you're in, and prove yourself, it doesn't take long to climb the ladder and eventually get where you really want to be. Be patient, work hard, and be willing to pay your dues! There are plenty of people who aren't willing to make the sacrifice. Don't worry, you'll get their job!

I still haven't made it to Paducah. I hear it's pretty nice.

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