by John Williford

This is a favorite story around our lab. When I first started at the U I was working weekends so I could take some time off for a family reunion. Our lab had a DDS doing some research and using our expertise if you will. This guy was doing southerns and I was sequencing. I could see him in the freezer and he had an epp tube open and he was sniffing it. I just kept on working and he came over and asked me to smell his tube to see if I could smell ethanol. I said I could and didn't think anything else of it.

A little while later he had our geiger counter on and he was checking his tube. This kinda pissed me off that he would have me smell something that was hot in the first place so I started to watch him. He was putting the counter up to his nose and the thing was going crazy. He started to panic. He came over and asked me the number to radiation safety. I told him that they wouldn't be there because it was a weekend. I asked him why and he said that he had sniffed so hard that he sniffed up some of his probe. He had a pretty big nose. He then wanted to know if he could sniff some count off up his nose. I told him that it probably would do more harm than good.

He took out a chem wipe and just washed the bridge of his nose and checked with the geiger and the wipe was hot. He just touched the tube to his nose when he was sniffing it.

Now when anybody is doing a southern and wants to check how hot their probe is, we just ask them to sniff it!

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