Researchers cling to hope for new fat substitute; fat substitute does likewise

By MedZilla Users

When I worked for NutraSweet we were doing preservative studies on the Simpless fat substitute product. The protocol stated we would use a blender to mix each preservative into a sample of the product.

My supervisor was using a spatula to scrape the sides of the blender to make sure all the preservatives were included in the sample. In the process the spatula got caught up in the blades of the blender and all hell broke loose. Splatters of fat substitute ended up all over the lab, and of course the spatula was never the same again.

Even funnier though was that as we went off to lunch I was behind my supervisor and noticed multiple beads of fat substitute dotting the back of her head.

She herself had been splattered and carried evidence of our mishap with her through the rest of the day.

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