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Our mission is to help our clients in cost saving, improving productivity and maximizing returns in R&D investment through our constant technology innovation, consistent, highest standard and exceptional customer-alighned services.

TechData Service Company, LLC (TechData) is a well-known provider of talented IT and data science professionals. Our knowledge of and focus on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research means that we are highly skilled at providing the most qualified and high level expertise service in the pharmaceutical industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to technology solutions for each client, with the goals of maximizing cost savings and improving productivity. Our current available resources includes professionals in clinical research, medical writing, software development, and data science professionals in clinical data management, statistics and SAS/statistical  programming.  

Leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, CRO, and related organizations rely on our strength of talented professionals for their outsourced projects and personnel requirements. Since the founding of our company, we have focused our energies exclusively on the clinical research and trials, building a reputation of excellence among the leading R&D organizations. With an extensive network of talented and  experienced  data science professionals, TechData is capable of introducing the brightest and most experienced professionals to companies seeking data science expertise.

In 2000, we envisioned building an exceptional executive consulting firm, one that reflected our values and high standards of professionalism. We wanted to work with clients for a long-term "win-win" relationship. We wanted an environment of cooperation among our consultants so clients would have access to our entire network of talents and expertise.

We believed that by hiring and retaining outstanding professionals, our company would be able to establish and maintain strong relationships with clients regardless of the business cycle. We value our long-term professional relationship with our clients, and understand their changing priorities in the context of individual companies and industry trends.