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San Diego South, CA-Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  inVentiv Health6/24/2017   
Site Head Immunology Unit (Gastroenterology), Takeda California - San Diego  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
GI Therapeutic Area Clinician, Translational Research and Early Clinical  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Intern-Protein Chemistry-(San Diego, CA.)  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Director, Early Target Discovery - BacTRAP - Target Identification - San Diego, CA  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Project Manager/Sr. Project Manager  Phaidon International6/24/2017   
Project Manager/Sr. Project Manager  EPM Scientific6/24/2017   
Intern - Biophysical Chemistry/NMR (San Diego, CA).  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Las Vegas, NV/San Diego - Immunology Specialist  inVentiv Health6/24/2017   
Intern -Biophysical Chemistry (San Diego, CA)  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Internship, GI Biology In Vivo Pharmacology (San Diego, CA)  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Regional Reimbursement Manager - San Diego, CA  Touchpoint Solutions6/24/2017   
Intern - Systems Engineering (San Diego, CA)  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Contract CRA – Medical Device – 0.5 FTE – CRO - California  EPM Scientific6/24/2017   
Contract CRA – Medical Device – 0.5 FTE – CRO - California  Phaidon International6/24/2017   
Associate Director - Immunology Research  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Sr. ERC Administrator  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
SCRA and CRA II Opportunities - Device  EPM Scientific6/24/2017   
Staff Scientist, DMPK Translational Research Biology  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Principal Scientist - GI Immunology Research  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Staff Scientist, Biologics Analytical Science  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Cheminformatician  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Director, Head of Biology, CNS Research  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Staff Scientist, In Vivo CNS EEG  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
CNS (Neurology / Psychiatry) Therapeutic Area Physician  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
SCRA and CRA II Opportunities - Device  Phaidon International6/24/2017   
Senior Scientist, Autism Spectrum Disorders - CNS  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Staff Scientist, Discovery Biology  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Discovery Toxicologist  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Computational Biologist - Discovery Toxicology  Takeda Pharmaceuticals6/24/2017   
Medical Science Liaison, Rheumatology - San Diego & Orange County  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>SR. RA/Associate Scientist-Molecular  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b> Scientist  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Clinical Lab Technician I  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b> Project Manager  Novartis6/21/2017   
<B>Clinical Data Entry Specialist  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b> Clinical Operations Project Intern  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Research Associate Intern  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Scientist/Sr Scientist- Flow Cytometry  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Laboratory Assistant - BioPharma  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Associate Project Manager  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Molecular Assay Development Intern  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Laboratory Operations Specialist  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Associate/Sr. Associate- Business Development  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Project Data Coordinator  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Associate LIMS Analyst  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Executive Administrative Assistant  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b>Immunohistochemistry Assay Development Intern  Novartis6/21/2017   
<b> Scientist/Sr Scientist  Novartis6/21/2017   
Regulatory-CMC consultant - Biologics/Regulatory-CMC Technical Writer  TechData Services5/30/2017   

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