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Professional Sales Representative (Pediatric Account Manager)- Dallas, TX  PDI, Inc4/24/2018   
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (PSR)- Dallas NE, TX  PDI, Inc4/24/2018   
Medical Science Liaison - Rare Autoimmune Disease (South Central)  The Medical Affairs Company4/24/2018   
Senior Medical Science Liaison (VA / Carolinas)  Takeda Pharmaceuticals4/24/2018   
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (PSR)- Fort Worth S, TX  PDI, Inc4/24/2018   
Arlington, TX- Chronic Care Sales Representative  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Fort Worth, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Dallas, TX - Neuroscience District Sales Manager  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Per Diem Home Injection Nurse Educator - Dallas, TX  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Dallas, TX-Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Hematology Medical Science Liaison Central  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Community Medical Science Liaison - Southcentral  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
West Dermatology District Sales Manager  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Northern VA - Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Remote TeleSolutions Nurse Specialist  inVentiv Health4/21/2018   
Oncology Sales Specialist -Solid Tumor - Dallas TX  Novartis4/11/2018   
2018 Internship Program - Compliance Specialist  Novartis4/11/2018   
Cardiovascular Sales Specialist - Dallas TX  Novartis4/11/2018   
Cardiovascular Sales Specialist - Dallas TX  Novartis4/11/2018   
Summer/Fall 2018 Internship - R&D (Fort Worth, TX)  Novartis4/11/2018   
Sr. Safety Lead, Vision Care  Novartis4/11/2018   
Principal Scientist  Novartis4/11/2018   
AS&T Manager  Novartis4/11/2018   
QA Analyst I - Shop Floor Support (12-hr. Rotating Shift - Nights)  Novartis4/11/2018   
Safety Lead, Vision Care  Novartis4/11/2018   
Sr. Analyst Regulatory Compliance  Novartis4/11/2018   
Sr.Safety Lead, Surgical  Novartis4/11/2018   
Expert Medical Writer  Novartis4/11/2018   
Materials Quality Lead  Novartis4/11/2018   
Senior Medical Writing Group Lead  Novartis4/11/2018   
QA Analyst I - Shop Floor Support (12-hr. Rotating Shift - Days)  Novartis4/11/2018   
QA Analyst II- (Nights 12 Hour Rotating)  Novartis4/11/2018   
Medical Device Development Engineer  Novartis4/11/2018   
Senior Scientist  Novartis4/11/2018   
Medical Science Liaison - Experienced MSLs please - various locations  The Carolan Group4/6/2018   

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