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 Pharmaceutical Sales Careers
Looking for a great job in 
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  What does it take to become a great Sales Rep
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
13 07-16-14 
  How is this Forum Moderated?
0 06-28-11 
  BRAG BOOK - what's the point???!!!
19 03-19-09 
  How secure is this forum?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
10 02-11-09 
  STAR questions
6 01-15-09 
  Certification: Worthless or Not?
0 12-21-08 
  Alcon interview process
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
16 10-11-17 
  Part time pharma sales
0 09-28-17 
  Entry Level
Mark Deegan
2 04-28-17 
  What does it take to get considered?
Teacher wanting to change careers
2 01-30-17 
  Sales to Medicine to Pharma Sales
Confused Dude
6 01-24-17 
  Pharmaceutical Sales Certification course through NAPSRx?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
21 11-15-16 
  Hair Drug Test
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
35 09-19-16 
  CNPR certification?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
16 07-05-16 
  Teacher to Sales
6 05-03-16 
  attorney to pharma sales?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
28 04-22-16 
  Help: took 7 years off getting back into p.sales
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
0 04-12-16 
  Eli Lilly hiring process
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
16 03-29-16 
  Industry Expertise Help Needed
0 02-22-16 
  What do I need to become pharmaceutical sales representative in US?
0 10-28-15 
  pfizer pre employment drug screening
someone wondering
11 08-20-15 
  Pharma Advice
Area Director
152 05-09-15 
  Dr. Hector Collison( Washington D.C. , Maryland, and VA)
D.C. PharmRep
11 04-15-15 
  Alcon Labs email address format and URL?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
5 02-26-15 
  Phase transfer catalysts
0 02-25-15 
  cancer drugdistribution
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
0 02-16-15 
  ARD program. Still eligible for Sanofi position?
1 02-09-15 
0 01-28-15 
  inVentiv Health
The South
121 01-23-15 
  Importance of CNPR Certification?
Anonymous Medzilla Reader
5 01-13-15 
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