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Easy! Fast! Cost-effective! Your Medzilla job posting includes:

  • 30 or 60 days of exposure to thousands of interested professionals in your company's field.
  • Online and live in one business day.
  • Resumes delivered directly and securely to you from qualified applicants matched to your specific needs!
  • Your job posting emailed to selected candidates whose qualifications fit your requirements.
  • Greater flexibility with HTML formatting, graphics and links, searchable by keyword, location experience and more.
  • Detailed, Accurate reports on all activities.
  • NO SPAM, EVER! Your email address will never be revealed to anyone unless you do so yourself.

$395 (Net) for 30 day job postings, $495 (Net) for 60 days. Bulk purchase discounts available with the purchase of five or more postings

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